Word Cookies Answers, Cheats and Solutions [All Levels] – Updated

Word Cookies is the world’s best word scramble puzzle game developed by “BitMango”, one of the popular word puzzle game developer. This game involves connecting alphabets to form a word. Every level gets more challenging, thus making it addictive.

This topic contains Word Cookies Answers, Cheats, and solutions. In case, if you’re stuck in a game, you can feel free to search Word Cookies Cheats.

Word Cookies Answers, Cheats and Solutions [All Levels] - Updated

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Word Cookies Game Description:

Do you like to play crossword puzzles like Scrabble?

Word Cookies is a cross between all the aspects of word games you love to make you totally addicted and entertained! With so many brilliant challenges, you’ll be obsessed with testing your spelling and vocabulary limits!

  • SIMPLE & EASY: Sweet graphics with easy controls & simple premise
  • KEEPS YOUR BRAIN ACTIVE: Highly entertaining & educational for everyone
  • SHUFFLE TO REARRANGE: Change the order of letters to spark your memory
  • HINTS AVAILABLE: Go it alone or use hints to get clues
  • NO NEED TO RUSH: No time limit or penalties for wrong answers
  • DAILY REWARDS: Play every day to earn bonus rewards!
  • NEW LEVELS: Stay tuned for updates!

How to Play

  • Swipe the alphabet cookies on the baking pan to form a word.
  • Tap the “Shuffle” button to change the order of letters.
  • Tap the “Hints” button to get clues.
  • Get more hints with coins by purchasing or watching videos.
  • Fill up Jack’s cookie jar with extra words you find to earn coins!

Word Cookies Answers, Solution, and Cheats

Find below the answers for Word Cookies puzzles.

Home Baker

Novice Chef

Talented Chef

Commis Chef

Pastry Chef

Star Chef

Celebrity Chef

Sous Chef

Executive Chef

Best Chef

Top Chef

Master Chef

Great Chef

Ultimate Chef

Finest Chef

Fantastic Chef

Incredible Chef

First Class Chef

Legendary Chef

Mythical Chef

Astonishing Chef

Outstanding Chef

Astounding Chef

Marvelous Chef

Breathtaking Chef

Stunning Chef

Phenomenal Chef

Wondrous Chef

Prodigious Chef

Extraodinary Chef

Noteworthy Chef










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